How To Store Handbags

How to store handbags

Handbags are undoubtedly a very important part of women’s lives. More than ease of carrying things, these days’ handbags are used to make a style statement. Appealing handbags can help you stand out in a crowd. When choosing a handbag, you must keep certain things in mind. It should be affordable, durable and appealing.

Designer handbags have now become very popular. Women are willing to splurge large sums of money on every fad that comes in and designer bags are a trending these days. When investing in a handbag you must choose colors that will go with every dress. Since handbags are extremely pricey, you must keep them neat and tidy to ensure long life. Following steps will help you store your handbags in a better way:

Stuff Them

To maintain the shape of your bags you must stuff them so that they don’t wilt. The best bags have been stuffed with newspapers to preserve their shape. The newspaper or cloth inside the bag helps keep the bag in its natural shape, hence preventing formation of lines.

When you store your bags by stacking them on top of each other they put pressure on the lowest bag which distorts its shape. This is the reason that bags in shops are stuffed with newspapers or crepe paper. Also, the amount of newspaper in the bag can give you an idea about the storage space in the bag.

Using Baskets or Boxes

Storing your bags in individual boxes or baskets will give them ample room without any external pressure, just make sure that the box you choose compliments the size of the bag you choose to store in it. This storage idea is ideal for when you have ample closet space.  You can choose different sizes and designs of storage boxes and store your bags in them.

Make sure that you put one bag in each box to avoid deforming the bags. If you have good space under your bed you can make use of that by storing your bags there. Make sure you tuck your bags nicely inside the boxes and cover them completely.

Curtain Rings

When you’re cramped for space, your precious bags might suffer. When you don’t have a lot of space yon have no choice but to stack them on top of each other which is very hazardous for your bags. Another brilliant idea is to hang your bags in shower curtain rings. This doesn’t even cost a lot and it also makes your bags hang upright, which is the best position for your bags to be in. This storing method also saves quite a lot of space.

Stated above are some of the best ways to storing handbags, you can choose any one method based on your closet space and number of bags you own. When you truly care about your handbags you’ll DIY multiple ways of storing your bags. Make sure you keep revisiting the bags you’ve stored for a long while to check if they are safe or not.

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