How To Dye Your Hair Step By Step Guide

How To Dye Your Hair Step By Step Guide

Dying your hair can be very tricky especially when you’re at home. Before you dye your hair, you need to be very certain about the quality of hair color you’re purchasing. If the quality of the color is not good, it may not last longer. Not everybody has the resources to go through hectic and expensive hair salon appointments. Dying your hair requires skill patience and dexterity. Whether you’re looking for allover color or subtle highlights, you need to be very careful with your hair products. With little practice, coloring your hair from the comfort of your home can be very easy. Following are a few steps that you can follow in order to dye your hair in the best possible way.

What to do in the start  

After you’ve carefully purchased your hair color, you need to know about a very important fact about your hair. According to hair stylists, you should not wash your hair for at least two days before you’re planning to dye your hair. The scalp’s natural oil should work as a barrier against irritation. In case you have a very sensitive skin, you need to add a packet of sweet N Low in the dye in order to stop the trying effects of ammonia. Your hair should be in perfect condition and ready for coloring before you plan to dye them.          

What is the next step

Before you begin to color your entire hair you need to do a strand test. You are required to apply a small portion of dye on a small section of hair. Once you have seen the shade of the color, you need to start applying the dye on the rest of the hair. In case of any confusion, you can always read the instructions on the box and the rest should be fine.

What comes next  

You need to make sure that an even color tone is applied on every single strand of your hair. In order to dye your hair in the best possible way, you need to make sure to not apply color from roots to end in one go. You need to let the previously applied color to dry out before you plan to add some more color. Since you don’t have much assistance at home, therefore mirror can be a huge help. Always stay in front of a mirror in order to make sure that all your hair are evenly toned.

What to do next  

In order to get even color on your entire head, you need to make sure to apply the dye half inch away from your scalp and work towards ends. According to specialists, the heat from your head will help the color develop faster and better. Another most important thing is to use a color brush while applying dye on your hair.

What to do at the end

Once you’ve completely dyed your hair, you need to let the dye dry for some time so that the color is applied properly. Finally, wash your hair and make sure to finish with a clear gloss treatment to help seal color and boost shine. 

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