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artdeco glam stars blusher

ARTDECO Glam Stars Blusher

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ARTDECO Glam Stars Blusher is easy to blend and feels silky smooth on the skin due to the light, elegant texture. Additionally the Vitamin C. Belong to the group of water soluble vitamins. It strengthens the connective tissue whereby it stimulates the collagen production.

The tri-colored ARTDECO Glam Stars Blusher in the limited “Glam Deluxe” design provides a vernal freshness. High color brilliance and durability provides reliable, professional results, all day long.

It acts equalizing to pigmenting, serves as a catalyst to cell respiration and is a good catcher of free radicals and supports the immune system. and Vitamin E’s vital for healthy, fully functional skin. Delays the hardening of the cellular connective tissue, the premature skin aging process. Vitamin E supports numerous sequences in the metabolism of the cells and tissue, is a good catcher of free radicals and improves the skin’s moisture. provide an anti-aging character to the blusher.


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