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ARTDECO High Definition Foundation 30ml

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ARTDECO High Definition Foundation is an ultra-light creamy foundation that perfectly adapts itself to the skin. Apply with the ARTDECO Foundation Brush or your fingers, blending into the skin. Use in a patting motion where a little more coverage is needed. Set with the High Definition Loose Powder.

Make-up like a second skin! The innovative High Definition Foundation is ultra-light and creamy and perfectly adapts itself to the skin, blending with it. Good coverage and transparency are not opposites anymore! The particular formulation of pigments create the effect of smooth, perfect skin by scattering the light widely, creating a fine, well-proportioned light veil. Wrinkles, bumps and dark shadows disappear and the skin looks flawless, fresh and radiant in any light – whether in the candlelight or sunlight. Also the feeling when applied, thanks to the unique pigments coated with silicone is wonderful.


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