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Nubar Glamour Collection Nail Polish 4x 15ml

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Nubar Glamour Collection Nail Polish is the best. This collection makes a great gift either for a loved one or youself and is perfect for creating glitz and glam party nails. Included within the set are: a bright pink nail polish – Nubar Geisha Blaze, a purple nail polish – Nubar Pasadena Purple, a chunky silver glitter nail polish – Nubar Silver Spark and the Diamont seal and shine top coat fortified with calcium for stronger nails and a high gloss finish to keep your nails looking beautiful for longer.
Glamour Collection Includes
1x Geisha Blaze – NU-NB4
1x Pasadena Purple – NU-NCD1205
1x Silver Spark – NU-G705
1x Diamont Top Coat – NU-T309

Directions of use

Once the nail is prepared;
1) Apply a single base coat
2) Apply two coats of the nail polish, making sure to leave a couple of millimetres space from your cuticle

After nails are painted
1) Apply one generous coat of the Diamont Top Coat to your nails
For added glitz and glam to your nails, add a coat of the silver spark nail polish before the Diamont Seal


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