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Okhora Ucuuba Butter Scalp Food 190ml

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Okhora Ucuuba Butter Scalp is high in Vitamin C, which helps to reverse damage and improve elasticity of the hair. Vitamin A or retinol regulates hair follicle and encourage new growth. The natural antiseptic qualities help to clarify the scalp. Ucuuba Butter replenishes and moisturise dry scalp and helps to improve the shine and elasticity of the hair. Okhora Ucuuba Butter Scalp Food is a blend of natural oils and butters. Scalp Food is also infused with eucalyptus and tea tree oil which promotes healthy follicle with a tingling sensation. This stimulation promotes hair development. Ucuuba Butter Scalp Food is amazing for those suffering scalp problems due to chemical treatment traction alopecia and loss of hairline from plaiting, weaving or excessive wig wearing.

How to use: Apply directly from bottle to the scalp onto each parting. Then massage with fingers or comb through on to ends. Do not rinse.


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