Syntonics Shea-Coconut Light Moisturizing Crème 227g

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Syntonics Shea-Coconut Light Moisturizing Crème give your hair and scalp the loving, gentle care it needs with this amazing, daily-use oil moisturizer.
Our exclusive formulation utilizes Coconut Oil to penetrate the hair shaft and hydrate.

Shea Butter to seal the cuticle layer for lasting moisturization, and Rice Bran Oil (which is naturally high in antioxidants) to condition and add sheen to tresses. Hair becomes so astonishingly soft, shiny and free flowing, you’ll have to see it to believe it. This product is also great for frizz-free styling of naturally curly hair, such as when flat ironing for smoothness or flex-rod setting for lots of curls.


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