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Wet Brush Paddle Metallic Green

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Wet Brush Paddle shower friendly detangling paddle brush.
For use in the shower or in the salon to brush through conditioner and rinse.
Strategically placed vent holes at the back to aid in ventilation and drying.

No Tears, No Snags, No Clumps, No Tangles!

  • Featuring IntelliFlex® Bristles with SoftTips™ to Support Gentle Styling
  • Works Great on Wet & Dry Hair
  • Perfect for Men, Women & Kids
  • For Thick, Curly & Straight Hair
  • Soft, Flexible Bristles Help Detangle Hair with Ease
  • Great for Hair Extensions & Wigs

Maintains Gentle & Soft Stroke After Stroke
The adaptive flexibility of IntelliFlex® combined with the gentle SofTips™ helps eliminate all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping. Helps avoid split ends and hair loss. It helps provide healthy brushing and detangling creating the perfect transition from wash to style!


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