Natural Makeup

Natural Makeup

The idea of natural makeup exemplifies finding equilibrium between alluring skin and the foundation to be applied. It involves the use of components that is closest to the natural skin tone. It sounds so simple but in reality maintaining the naturalness is quite esoteric.  Let us attempt to examine how we can go about natural makeup without compromising on principle and real undiluted beauty. How to go about this is to examine the various ingredients needed. The customary thing to do is to clean/wash your face with a warm wet cloth and a cleanser to gently exfoliate kin and remove all dirt that might have accumulated on the face.

Natural Makeup

You have to keep your skin hydrated and succulent before you commence the process. A moisturized skin ensures that every other ingredient that is applied will maintain a natural look and not seem out of place on the face.

Conceal flaws with primer:

There are so many blemishes on the face which might make natural make up look really messy, these flaws may be concealed by applying a foundation primer evenly on the face. It blends easily on your face concealing blemishes such as discolorations and dark circles on the face.

Apply powder:

This is particularly required if you have a particularly oily/shiny skin. Use an oil absorbing powder. Apply evenly with a fluffy brush to ensure the natural appearance on the face is maintained. The powder should match the shade of the concealer already applied.

Use a bronzer:

Apply a bronzer on the skin using judiciously along your temples, jawline and under your cheekbone. This will help highlight your skin tone.

Apply blush:

Select a lukewarm color that looks warm, soft and blends properly with the skin. Remember that your aim is to give the skin a natural flush without appearing artificial s select a warm creamlike color that passes this exact message. Avoid paying too much attention to a region of the face.


Shade your eyelids with a colour slightly darker than your skin. Applying a soft brown-like tint will amplify the appearance of your eyes emphasizing its’ natural contours without leaving a shadowy appearance.

Eye shadow:

The eye shadow to be applied should be warm shade. Apply to the furrow of skin around the eye region then dash a neutral element around the lower eyelid and brush lightly and repeatedly till the application blends properly.


A very essential component, carefully apply vertically dashing a full coat of mascara on both lashes (top & bottom), ensure that every single lash is touched.

Lip Gloss:

 It is preferable to select a colour that matches the color of your lips, use your finger tips to spread the gloss on your lips rather than relying totally on the tube.

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